Cayman Seven Mile Beach

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The world famous Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is the jewel of the Cayman Islands. Voted one of “The Caribbean’s Best Beaches”, white powdery sand and sparkling turquoise water come together for miles, providing locals and holiday goers with endless opportunities for activities, restaurants, cocktails, sunset strolls and more!

Despite the moniker, Seven Mile Beach is actually only 5.5 miles however that’s still miles of glorious white sandy beach and clear blue water to enjoy. There’s no shortage of water-based activities to try, with snorkelling, diving and jet-skiing among some of the most popular.

Not surprisingly, most of Grand Cayman’s high end hotels and condos are located on Seven Mile Beach, while some of the Caribbean’s best cuisine can also be found here. Diners wanting to watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand won’t be disappointed by the number of beach bars to be found! Read on for where to stay, what to do and more on Grand Cayman’s most popular beach.

1. White Sand

Seven Mile Beach is a coral sand beach. The three Cayman Islands are the tops of underwater coral mountains and the white coral sand is made up of limestone particles from the natural erosion of the reefs. The beach is also very clean and well kept.

2. Clear Water

Because the Cayman Islands are flat coral islands without rivers, there is very little natural runoff to silt the water, unlike the mountainous volcanic islands in other parts of the Caribbean. Visibility in Cayman’s clear water can range from 60 -100 feet and year-round temperature averages 73 – 85 degrees.  Seven Mile Beach is also located on the leeward West side of Grand Cayman so the water is usually calm.

3. No Crowds

Sometimes the beach can be busy, but often you’ll find yourself quite alone on a beautiful empty beach. This, I think, is a unique Seven Mile Beach experience.

4. Great Place to Chill

The moment you step on that soft sand, breathe that salt air and feel the offshore breeze, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Bring your cooler and find a spot on the beach, or grab a seat at any of the beachside resort bars or world-class restaurants to enjoy a sundowner and a meal. Simply a dream come true.

5. The Sunsets

Seven Mile Beach is the place to be when the sun dips below the sea on the western side of the island. Cayman sunsets are legendary and there is no better way to say goodbye to a great day and hello to an exotic Caribbean night.

6. Watersports

The beach is a watersports lover’s paradise – snorkeling, sailing, paddle-boarding, parasailing, riding a Waverunner, or just chilling on a float. You and your family could spend the whole day playing on one of the world’s best beaches.

7. Easy Access

The beach can easily be accessed by foot from anywhere on West Bay Road, the road that runs parallel to the water. There are plenty of places to park your car along the road and then make the short walk to the beach.

8. No Peddlers

If you’ve ever had your island beach time interrupted by annoying peddlers trying to sell you something, you’ll be happy to know that this will NOT happen on Seven Mile Beach. It’s illegal to sell goods along Seven Mile Beach, so you can relax and enjoy your time on the beach.

So, chill out and go to the beach.

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