Cayman Crystal Caves

cayman crystal caves

New Attraction Opens: Crystal Caves in Northside

A true Caymanian treasure in the lush forests of Grand Cayman has recently opened. As the island’s newest tourist attraction it has already drawn a lot of attention from visitors and residents. The Cayman Crystal Caves offers an adventurous tour through the spectacular caves in Northside that is both educational and active.

What To Expect

Guests will see stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures, and other natural rock formations under which the caves are formed. Each tour is conducted by a local guide who will drive you from the main road in their tour van, back to the start of the nature trail that is completed by a tour of the caves. Water and snacks are available for purchase. Although the company plans to expand to have a more extensive food and beverage offering. The main deck and visitor shop is also where you can view your photos after the tour and possibly purchase one to remember your experience.

The Story Behind The Caves

Once located under the sea, the fossilized shells and animal life in the caves show us that the sea levels changed and land began to rise, creating large grottos through water erosion and changes in the earth. As rainwater began to drip through the limestone ceiling of the caves, the calcium salts created amazing stalagmites and stalactites with pointed tips, boasting the awe-inspiring rock formations you can see today.

Pirates used these caves as hideouts and shelters from the harsh weather in the summer months created by hurricanes and tropical storms. Legend has it that there is pirate treasure buried in some of the caves, so be sure to keep a lookout during your tour.

The opportunity for visitors to see these amazing structures is all thanks to the Sorensen family, who undertook an in-depth search and exploration of all the caves in the Cayman Islands back in the 1990s and realized that the Crystal Caves were a unique attraction and a rare site to see, both locally and around the world. The parcels of land in which the caves existed were purchased and a route was devised to connect the road and the landlocked caves which had been untouched for years. Now visitors and the public have the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular site with family and friends.

Booking Your Tour

Upon arriving to the entrance to the Cayman Crystal Caves attraction, guests are asked to purchase a ticket for a fee with children under-12 receiving a discount. All tours require pre-booking before arrival and can be organized for Tuesdays through Sundays from 9am to 3pm, in two hour increments.

The 90-minute guided walking tour takes you through the tropical forest and into 3 spectacular caves that also feature tropical plant and animal life such as parrots and bats. Appropriate footwear is recommended as some of the walks are on gravel surfaces and a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your trip.

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cayman caves
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